Epidural Role Play Activity


If women are to make well informed decisions about using epidurals for labour pain, they need full disclosure of the benefits, risks and consequences of this anaesthetic option. This clever activity enables the procedure to be clearly explained and demonstrated, using group involvement to stimulate discussion.

Epidural Role Play Activity Instructions

Epidural Role Play Activity Instructions Book is a great companion for midwives and other professionals conducting epidural sessions.

Epidural Role Play Card Set

Epidural Role Play Card Set.

Epidural Role Play Insert

Epidural Role Play Insert is part of Birth International's Epidural Role Play Activity.

Plastic Cord Yellow 30cm length

Plastic Cord Pink 150cm length

Plastic Cord Blue 200cm length

Plastic Cord Royal Blue 100cm length

Plastic Cord White 40cm length × 9

Sensor Cap White × 2

Safety Pin × 5

Alligator Clip × 9

Zip Lock Bag Small 125mm x 200mm × 7

Sticker Round 24mm Black × 2

Elastic White 25mm x 1m lengths

Elastic White is soft and stretchy and is used in many and varied applications. The most popular use is in scrubs and lab gowns.

Elastic Black 75mm wide

Elastic White 38mm wide x 1.2m lengths × 2

Yellow Paper

Adhesive Dots

Sticker Catheter Yellow

Sticker Epidural Pink

Sticker IV Drip Lines Blue

Sticker Blood Pressure Cuff Dark Blue

Sticker CTG Monitor White

Sticker Fetal Scalp Electrode White

Rubber Band

Activity Satchel Medium

The Activity Satchel is a plastic container for your charts, worksheets and other valuable things to keep it clean and dust-free. Available in small, medium, and large, which fits your needs.

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