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Waterbirth Supplies

Waterbirth Supplies CategoryWelcome to Birth International, your trusted source for premium waterbirth supplies. Our carefully curated selection includes permanent and inflatable birth pools tailored to meet your needs, whether you’re birthing at home or in a hospital setting. Elevate your birthing experience with our comprehensive range of birth pool accessories designed to enhance comfort and facilitate a soothing environment.

The benefits of water birth are well-documented, and our pools provide the ideal setting for embracing these advantages.

The buoyancy reduces the impact of gravity on the body, easing the intensity of contractions and promoting a sense of weightlessness. The warm water enhances blood circulation, providing relaxation and pain relief. The intimate nature of water birth fosters a calm atmosphere, empowering mothers to embrace a more active role in their birthing experience.

Personal Use Birth Pools: Regular and Maxi La Bassine

Explore our personal use birth pool category featuring the renowned Regular and Maxi La Bassine pools. The La Bassine Maxi, designed for those who prefer extra space, offers a 50% larger capacity than the Original, accommodating up to 628 litres of water—perfect for a comfortable birthing experience for you and your birthing partner. Our pools’ inflatable and portable nature adds an element of versatility, making them suitable for various birthing environments.

Professional Birth Pools: Elevate Your Practice

Our professional birth pool category presents a curated selection of birth pools and accessories sets, including the La Bassine Professional Birth Pool Deluxe Kit, birth pools with liners, covers and more. Elevate your birthing practice with top-quality equipment designed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals and birthing centres.

Birth International is committed to providing you with the highest standards of water birth pool supplies, ensuring a safe, comfortable and memorable birthing experience. Explore our categories and enhance your journey into water-assisted childbirth.

Active Birth Pools

Safety is paramount in our designs. Each pool is constructed with durable materials, ensuring structural integrity and stability. The ergonomic design caters to the comfort of both mothers and healthcare professionals, facilitating ease of use and optimal access to medical interventions when needed.

Beyond functionality, our water birth pools boast a contemporary design that complements any birthing space. The aesthetic appeal and practicality create an inviting ambience that contributes to a positive birthing environment.

Comprehensive Birth Pool Accessories: Everything You Need

Please browse our extensive range of birth pool accessories, including pool liners, covers, plastic sheets, air pumps, hoses, indoor taps, debris scoops, fish bath thermometers and drainers. We also offer a Birthing Evacuation Pod, an essential part of hospital emergency procedures, designed to facilitate the safe removal of individuals from birth pools or baths.

Key Accessories Include:

  • Pool liners
  • Covers
  • Plastic sheets
  • Air pumps
  • Hoses
  • Indoor taps
  • Debris scoops
  • Fish bath thermometers
  • Drainers
  • Birthing evacuation pod

As advocates for maternal well-being, Birth International is committed to providing birthing solutions that prioritise the holistic experience. Our waterbirth supplies stand as a testament to this commitment, offering a haven where the miracle of birth unfolds with grace and comfort.

Waterbirth Supplies Shopping Categories

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Waterbirth supplies Shopping Categories

Waterbirth Supplies