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Permanent Birth Pools

Axtive Birth Pool

Hospitals across Australia install Active Birth Pools, an unparalleled experience in ergonomic design, materials and manufacture.

They set new standards for safety, value and performance, are built to last for decades and are guaranteed for life. Active Birth Pools utilise evidence-based, ergonomic design principles to develop water birth pools that provide an optimum environment for labour and birth in water. The design is based on mothers and midwives’ dynamics as they interact with the pool and each other.

When purchasing a permanent birth pool, you can consider optional extras such as an ergonomic footstool, a multi-colour LED lighting system and a Bluetooth sound system. The LED lighting creates an extraordinary effect. In addition, our new light and sound systems provide a simple way of transforming the environment, making it more conducive for physiological labour and natural birth.

Questions regarding our permanent Birth Pools?

If you have any questions, our experienced staff can help. We have extensive experience supporting women using water for labour and birth. We can help with the following:

  • Policy and procedures
  • How to evacuate a woman from a birth pool in an emergency
  • Infection control
  • Installation queries

Either email us at or phone +61 2 9630 5357.

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Permanent Birth Pools