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Birth Pool Kits


Birth International brings you the best birth pool kits. We specialise in high-quality birthing products, including birth pool kits, for the healthiest, safest and most enjoyable birth experience.

Our La Bassine Maxi Birth Pool with Pool Cover includes one maxi birth pool and one maxi pool cover. The La Bassine Maxi birth pools are designed for women who prefer the extra space of a larger pool. In addition, the pool cover helps maintain the water temperature in your pool by significantly reducing heat loss.

Our products include: Fixed pools, Professional inflatable birth pools and Personal use inflatable pools designed with your comfort and safety in mind.

The La Bassine Professional Birth Pool Essentials Kit, includes eight essential items to make setting up for your baby’s birth a breeze and helps save money. The set contains a birth pool, liner, protective plastic, electric air pump, 10-metre hose, tap connector for indoor taps, 12 mm plastic hose connector and a debris scoop.

We also have the La Bassine Professional Birth Pool with 10 Liners. The pool is excellent and has been created to suit the needs and budget of carers and birthing women. Using a liner with the birth pool allows for easy cleaning.

Please check out more of our available birth pool kits in our shop.

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Birth Pool Kits Range


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