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Models Category image Birth International has various models available in our shop that health professionals can use in different activities like conducting seminars, workshops or with expecting parents, etc., for real-time learning. Most models in the online store are manufactured to Birth International’s specifications for quality, versatility, realism and robustness. This gives you quality learning and experience using these products.

The Abdominal Palpation Model Set is a unique teaching aid that enables you to demonstrate palpation techniques to determine fetal lie, presentation and position. The Abdominal Palpation model includes a fetus with a weighted body, movable arms and legs, firm buttocks, plus its head has palpable anterior and posterior fontanels.

In addition, we also have the Mamabirthie tabletop model. You can use these as a demonstration model or wearable simulation trainer during team situations. MamaBirthie is a realistic multi-scenario birthing simulator and skills trainer. It allows healthcare providers to refine their skills through simulated normal births, vaginal exams or more complicated scenarios such as breech, shoulder dystocia, vacuum-assisted, and forceps-assisted births. Also, MamaBirthie delivers BabyBirthie, a highly realistic newborn simulator!

More models are available in-store, so check out Birth International’s educational activities.

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