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LightingBirth International offers various lighting products in store. As some women choose to turn off harsh light during delivery, our products, for example, a torch, can be an excellent light source to assist women during labour.

First, we have a Waterproof Torch, an aluminium, battery-powered and sturdy, portable. This waterproof torch is perfect for assisting women with warm water submersion or during a waterbirth. It is a small torch with an intense light making it ideal for use by midwives. In addition, the light distance is up to 100 to 200 metres, with three switch modes and an adjustable focal length.

The next available product for you to check out is the Aluminium LED Torch. This torch is also battery-powered, LED and portable, and perfect for assisting women in labour. In addition, the torch is ideal for illuminating the perineal area during a repair.

As a care provider, having a torch as your companion can help you successfully check and guide a mother throughout the birthing process.

Please visit our shop to check out Birth International’s other invaluable midwifery supplies.

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