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Catherisation Equipment

Catherisation EquipmentBirth International sells a range of catheterisation equipment in our shop. While a catheter may not be necessary, especially during vaginal birth, some women find it hard to urinate and need the support of a catheter to empty their bladder.

First, our Foley Catheter FG12 x 40 cm is one hundred per cent silicone and is suitable for urethral and suprapubic use. Sterile water inflates the balloon – 5ml minimum to 10ml maximum, and the catheter is also available in FG16 x 40 cm and FG14 x 40 cm.

In addition, we have the perfect product available in-store for in and out catheterisations. The Intermittent Nelaton Catheter FG12 x 40cm is sterile, disposable and suitable for single use only. The catheter is composed of medical-grade PVC and is DEHP and latex-free.

Urinary Drainage Bags are essential equipment for catheterisation, with a bag able to hold up to 2000 ml. Also, we have a Urinary Drainage Bag Holder available, which works perfectly with our drainage bags. Before selecting this hanger by Urimaax, we trialled several urinary drainage bag holders on the market, including the Simple and Conveen products.

These are just some of our catheterisation equipment products. Make sure you check out others in our shop.

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Catherisation Equipment

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Catherisation Equipment

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