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Breastfeeding Education Resources Category ImageBirth International stocks extensive breastfeeding educational resources for your breastfeeding classes. From lanyards and models to breastfeeding tip cards and activities, we help ensure your workshop is interactive and informative.

The teaching breastfeeding activity contains an outline to cover basic breastfeeding lessons effectively. The pack also includes a Baby Baby Oh Baby DVD, a breast model, a breastfeeding basics chart showing the positioning of the baby at the breast and a set of seven hand-out leaflets for parents (refills are available). There are also tips for presentations, aims and learner outcomes, suggested activities and essential information points.

You can use the breast model in brown and pink to provide illustration and realism for your class. The model is a new design that better illustrates the internal structures of the lactating breast. The outer covering folds back to reveal the arrangement of the ducts and alveoli, plus the layer of fat underneath the skin. You can use this model independently or with the Lactessa or New Baby Doll to demonstrate the baby’s positioning at the breast.

Check out our educational resources under the breastfeeding category for more valuable workshop products.

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Breastfeeding Education Resources