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Birth International aims to help midwives empower women. Therefore, we have a collection of activity kits to help educators and midwives conduct birth, parenting and breastfeeding classes. These activities allow participants to express their ideas about a particular matter and encourage collaboration in the group or team.

The Essential Educator Kit Labour and Birth 1 to 4 is a complete package for presenting two childbirth education sessions on parenting. It contains everything needed to effectively facilitate an interactive, engaging program, with full instructions, teaching notes, equipment for the various activities and helpful hints. You don’t need to think about or prepare any material because this kit provides it.

Our Teaching Breastfeeding Activity set is perfect if you are teaching breastfeeding. This pack contains an outline for covering the basics of breastfeeding, which includes the Baby Baby Oh Baby DVD, a breast model, a breastfeeding basics chart showing the positioning of the baby at the breast and a set of seven hand-out leaflets for parents (refills are available). It also includes tips for presentation, aims and learner outcomes, suggested activities and essential information points.

You may also purchase our activities individually according to your needs. Visit our shop to see more kit sets like the epidural role-play pack, labour pain, birth-day activities and more.

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