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Education ResourcesBirth International develops and stocks an extensive range of educational resources for medical personnel in different settings, such as workshops or seminars. Our range of charts, cards, books, models etc., are professional, durable, practical, and purpose-designed teaching materials for childbirth educators.

We have various educational resources regarding labour, birth, breastfeeding, parenting and your midwifery journey. These products are helpful because they ignite the imagination and let the parents learn from hands-on experience.

In Birth International’s Labour and Birth category, you can view materials that will enrich the learning environment. For example, we have a birth-day activity, a cascade of intervention, epidural role-play and more. Also, in this category, we offer educator kits for you to use throughout your teaching sessions.

In addition, we also offer breastfeeding educational resources. We have breast models, breastfeeding puppets, cards and more. These are essential tools for conducting workshops or seminars and allow attendees to understand processes more with hands-on experience.

We also offer helpful activity cards and tear pads to prepare parents for the parenting journey with their baby.

These are a handful of products Birth International offers. To discover more, please check out our shop.

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