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Breastfeeding DVDsBirth International stocks a range of breastfeeding DVDs that feature positive yet realistic portrayals of the breastfeeding experience. Plus, there is practical advice and support for breastfeeding women and the educators and midwives supporting them.

The Biological Nurturing – Laid-back breastfeeding DVD explains how mothers can adopt comfortable, laid-back positions for breastfeeding their babies, whether straight after birth, immediately after a Caesarean, in bed at home, in various chairs, or even in an outdoor coffee shop! It details how sitting comfortably makes holding the baby easier for the mother and improves their latching.

Common Post-Natal Issues Box set DVD is a set of short films by GP Dr Charlotte Middleton and offers information and support on shared issues in the early postnatal period.

Each film is ideal for screening in a parent education program before birth or in the hospital before the mother goes home.

Birth International also sells the Follow Me Mum DVD PAL, designed to help mothers when latch-on is difficult. Very clear and easy to watch, Follow Me Mum demonstrates in simple steps how a mother can help her baby attach deeply for comfortable, effective breastfeeding. Additionally, close-up images and clear, concise explanations model the fundamental stages of this natural process.

We have more Breastfeeding DVDs in our online shop, so please check them out.

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