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DVD'sLearning about the birth experience of other mothers through Birth International’s DVDs is educational and beneficial. Their birth experiences allow you to know what you may need to prepare, what to expect and what you may need to avoid. They can also help motivate you on your birthing journey.

First, we have the Birth in Water DVD documenting five individual water births, filmed at the John Flynn Hospital, Queensland. It explores water immersion during labour and childbirth, enabling a safe, gentle, joyous and empowering experience. Parents, midwives, and Dr Davidson, an obstetrician, share their experiences.

Our Birth Experiences: Helen’s water birth DVD NTSC documents the birth of Stella, Helen’s sixth baby. The whole family participates in the event at a birth centre.

As the labour progresses, Helen sets up the birth room and cares for her younger children while occasionally stopping to deal with contractions. Finally, the baby is born in water, to everyone’s delight. The DVD also includes Helen’s reflections two weeks later as she talks through her experiences and would be ideal for helping prepare siblings for attending a birth.

For relaxation, our Earths Garden CD is a perfect choice. The gentle strings accompanying occasional nature sounds give it a more contemporary, grounding feel. It is ideal for relaxation, various therapies or just background listening.

Please visit the Birth International website to check out our full range of DVDs.

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