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Midwifery ChartsBirth International aims to help Midwives to empower new mums everywhere. We stock a wide range of Midwifery charts, all ideal for use in prenatal programs. You can also use them for display in various settings like clinics and other facilities to educate expectant parents.

The Cervical Dilation Model is a simple tool for teaching midwives and women about cervical dilatation. The model comes with an inbuilt stand and a cloth cover for protection and is made from moulded plastic, 30cm x 20cm in size.

The Progress in Labour Small Chart depicts early labour, active labour and transition and also shows cervical dilation from 1 cm to 10 cm. The back of the chart features black-and-white illustrations that depict cervical effacement and dilation, labour progress and amniotic membrane rupture. It also includes spontaneous rupture (high leak and low break) and artificial rupture with an amnihook.

The Unlaminated Women’s Business Chart is a large poster showing Aboriginal women who worked with midwives on a health promotion project in the Northern Territory.

Also, we have a great visual aid, the Labour Progress Pocket Guide. This labour progress guide shows each of the 10 centimetres of cervical dilatation in actual size. It is ideal for teaching about dilatation, effacement, stages of labour and fetal position. Plus, it includes simulated membranes and a diagram of the fetal head.

These are just some of the products Birth International offers in our shop. Please look at our shop categories to check out other available charts.

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Midwifery Chart Products

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