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BooksBirth International has a wide range of books available in our shop. Our book titles are chosen with care based on their popularity, practicality and relevance to midwifery and parent education. Also, we reserve titles hard to find elsewhere.

We have a broad range of book categories for you to check out, including AIMS booklets, Andrea Robertson’s, birth, breastfeeding, childbirth education and midwifery. These are ideal for personal and professional use.

Birth International stocks AIMS booklets on various topics that help answer the many and often contentious questions parents-to-be have about planning an empowering birth and making choices in their baby’s early days. The Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services (AIM) has been at the forefront of the childbirth movement for over 50 years.

We also sell bestselling titles by Andrea Robertson. Andrea became a childbirth educator in 1974 and, in 1977 and was instrumental in establishing the first training course for childbirth educators in Australia. Birth International stocks the full range of Andrea Robertson books, which parents and educators acclaim for their quality, relevance and empowering nature.

In addition, we offer a variety of birth books, which provide information and advice to guide first-time parents. Plus, those with much experience in the planning, wonder and joy of birth. Birth International also stocks books that help address grief and past traumas and the impact they can have upon birthing.

We have more books in our shop, so please check them out.

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