Pat Brodie

The majority of Australian midwives will know of Pat Brodie because of her work in developing ‘midwife-led’ models of care with a primary health care focus. Indeed, some of her most prominent work was Team Midwifery at Westmead Hospital and St George Hospital in Sydney. She is currently Professor of Midwifery Practice Development and Research in Sydney South West Area Health Service. Pat has been influential in leading and evaluating midwifery continuity of care models. Additionally, Pat pioneered work in the 1990s at Westmead and St George Hospital in Sydney.

From 1999– 2002 Pat’s role was as one of two full time research midwives for the national Australian Research Council funded ‘Australian Midwifery Action Project’. Pat’s particular area of inquiry was a review of contemporary Australian midwifery regulation and practice issues.

Pat is also a past President of the Australian College of Midwives.

One thought on “Pat Brodie

  1. Janine Harkness says:

    Good on you, Pat. You are legendary! You may not remember me, but I remember that breakfast you cooked in Ashfield. You didn’t have your own, but what a gift you are to midwives worldwide!

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