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Midwives ask me often what I have in my midwifery kit. Therefore I thought I’d write this post to assist midwives entering into private midwifery practice. My midwifery kit is quite comprehensive, containing a lot of items just in case of an emergency. Mostly though, I use very little when I attend a birth. I hope that this post will help you to consider the items you might like to include in your kits. I compiled this list some time ago. Therefore my equipment is a little different these days. However, the essential elements remain the same.

A midwifery kit is very personal and varies from midwife to midwife. To make your life easier, I have included a PDF document of my midwifery kit that you can download and print. Also, you’ll find in our online store most of the items available for purchase. If an item you are looking for is not in our online store – don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote. Birth International can source most items. In short, I hope you find this post helpful

List of Items in Midwifery Kit

IV EquipmentNeedles and Syringes
Sphygmomanometer1ml insulin syringes
Large BP cuff2.5-3 ml syringes
Small BP cuff20ml syringes
Thermometer (and covers)19g needles
Tape measure23g needles
Urine testing stripsBlood collection equipment
Pinnard’s stethoscopeTourniquet
DopplerMaternal: multi-sample needles and holders
Transducer gelNeonatal lancets
Maternal stethoscopeBlood tube for group and screen
Infant stethoscopeBlood tube for SBR
Regular exam gloves (non-sterile)Newborn Screening Test collection cards
Single sterile exam glovesBandaids
Sterile gloves – pairCatheterisation Equipment
KY JellyCatheterisation pack
Obstetric creamIn and out catheter
Blood sugar equipmentFoley’s catheter
GlucometerUrine collection bag
Lancets – maternalSaline solution
Lancets – neonatalMedications
Strips for glucometerLignocaine 1%
Control solution for glucometerSyntocinon
Resuscitation equipmentSyntometrine
Infant resuscitation bagAdditional Items
Pocket mask (maternal resuscitation)Suturing material
Maternal O2 mask with tubingAmnio hooks
Oxygen tubingCord clamps
Oxygen cylinder Infant scales
Oxygen regulatorTorch
Bubble wrap (for neonate)Bed pan
Emergency blanket (maternal) Bluies – underpads
Neonatal Rescue Vac (suction apparatus)Combine dressing
DeLee mucous trapsGauze – large and small
InstrumentsCotton wool balls
Birth kit – 2 large forceps, 1 pair straight handled scissors, 1 kidney bowl, 1 10cm small bowl (cord clamp is added).Normal saline solution
Episiotomy scissorsCotton tips
Suturing kit – 1 needle holder, 1 pair small straight scissors, 1 small pair forcepsClient notes, Social Security paperwork, NSW Health Personal Health record, Registration of Birth form, NSW Midwifery Data collection form
Sims vaginal speculumSharps container
IV EquipmentPlastic bags (to store clean and dirty equipment)
IV cannula (size 16 & 18)Mirror
MicroporeClean hand towel
Opsite Cleaning Solutions and Equipment
IV capsDisinfectant
Normal Saline 10ml ampouleMethylated spirits
Alcohol preparationScrubbing brush (for equipment)
IV giving set 
Normal Saline 1000mls 
Hartmann’s Solution 1000mls 


Jane Palmer is a private practice midwife and international board-certified lactation consultant. Providing midwifery, childbirth education and lactation services since 1998, Jane supports women and their families from preconception to the year following birth. As one of the first Medicare-eligible midwives in Australia, Jane currently provides midwifery care in collaboration with the group practice Midwives @ Sydney and Beyond. Providing care for women planning to give birth at home or in Westmead hospital. Additionally, Jane is CEO of both Pregnancy Birth and Birth and Beyond and Birth International.

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