Holly Priddis is officially a book illustrator

Holly priddis holding preparing for birth mothersHolly Priddis, a talented midwife artist, is holding Preparing for Birth: Mothers 6th edition – hot off the press. This book has been a labour of love.

The first edition was published in 1987 (over 34 years ago). A best seller with over 500,000 copies sold. Preparing for Birth: Mothers is a concise guide to pregnancy, birth and the first few weeks following birth. It is ideal for women wanting to give birth using their ability and resources rather than being a passive recipient of maternity care. Hospitals, midwives and childbirth educators worldwide use Preparing for Birth: Mothers as background notes for facilitating education with their clients.

download preparing for birth mothers - artist Holly PriddisIt has taken Jane Palmer months of hard work to bring this new addition to life. Popular Australian midwife artist Holly Priddis beautiful paintings illustrate sections of the book. All previous line drawings are now full-colour images. This is the book we wish all pregnant women had access to.

We’re giving the eBook away for free through Amazon for three days, starting now and until the 26th of August at 2 pm (Sydney time).

Go to: https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B09CV2G9QB/

From Holly Priddis

Photo by @holly_reads_writes_creates. Holly says, “I’m officially a book illustrator! With my first cover! So thrilled to have this opportunity with enormous gratitude to Jane Palmer at @birthinternational ❤ #bookillustrator #midwifeart #artist #watercolourartist.”

Special Thanks

We want to give a special thanks to all the wonderful people who took their time in helping ensure the information contained in this new edition is accurate, up to date, and women-centred:

  • Hannah Dahlen
  • Kristen Begnell
  • Anita Wood
  • Robyn Dempsey
  • Michelle Deguara Simmons
  • Sue Barron Rennie
  • Leonie Hewitt
  • Carolyn Bagga
  • Anna Bishop
  • Peggy Silberman
  • Caron Blumenthal
  • @melhayesphotography
  • Ann Maree Bernauer
  • Lisa Andrusiak
  • Meredith Pireh
  • Jane Svensson
  • Kylie McWhirter

Thanks to our fabulous artists:

  • Holly Priddis
  • Vesela Nenkova

We apologise if we’ve left you off this long list. The support we’ve had from our community is extraordinary.


Holly priddis with her first book cover as a midwife artist

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