Five Benefits of Active Birth

One of the greatest pleasures for midwives is assisting a woman through physiological birth. Helping a woman this way requires skills, patience and trust in the natural birth process. One way is by understanding the benefits of Active Birth and incorporating it into your midwifery practice. Active Birth principles can be woven through the education you provide.

Midwives recognise the dangers inherent in tampering with normal physiology. However, we live in a society where women have little trust that their bodies can give birth safely. As a result, there is a great fear of pain in labour. Furthermore, women are demanding epidurals, elective caesareans and inductions because they believe these interventions are safe for themselves and their babies.

Consequently, midwives caught up in the politics of maternity care often feel powerless to change this situation, yet there is much we can do.

Active Birth has so many benefits for both women and midwives.

If you want to learn more about Active Birth – we run a one-day Introduction to Active Birth and a two-day comprehensive workshop. To find out more about the workshops we facilitate, visit our events page.

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