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Another Exciting Year Of Workshops

Birth International has scheduled the most extensive professional, interactive, hands-on training workshops for childbirth educators, midwives, doulas, physiotherapists, doctors, and nurses.

You asked for workshops that offer face-to-face learning with small groups of colleagues in a convenient location. All our workshops are endorsed by the Australian College of Midwives, carrying CPD points. Our classes offer face-to-face learning in small groups at convenient locations.

Do you need to gain more CPD points, want practical skills-based training and need access to experienced facilitators who can personalise the training to your needs on the spot? Our courses meet these needs.

Our full range of workshops can be viewed here.

Birth International Events 2024 Flyer Downloads:

And also, the full-year calendar:

If your hospital or area health service wants to sponsor a workshop on any of our topics for the benefit of you and your colleagues, please email or phone us on (02) 9630 5357 for information on how to set up in-service courses through Birth International.

Early Bird registration discounts are available for all workshops. Additional discounts are available with registrations of over two workshops at the same time or order. Student and group discounts are available. Contact us for details by email or at (02) 9630 5357.

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Workshop fees are tax-deductible.

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