Birth International Events 2021

Here are the programs you have been requesting!

Birth International has scheduled the most extensive range of professional, interactive, hands-on training programs for midwives in Australia. You asked for programs that offer face-to-face learning with a small group of colleagues in a location that is convenient. You need to gain CPD points for your registration, want practical skills-based training (not boring lectures) and need access to experienced facilitators who can personalise the training to your needs on the spot. Our courses meet these needs.

We’ve just completed a flyer with Birth International Workshops for 2021. Feel free to download and print. For PDF click link https://birthinternational.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/Birth-International-Events-2021.pdf

We are happy to run our workshops in any location. Feel free to contact us.

Early registration discounts are available. We have special prices for students – contact us to find out more. Workshop fees are tax-deductible.


  • Book two workshops and receive 10% off – Coupon code: WSHOP2
  • Book three workshops and receive 15% off – Coupon code: WSHOP3

To find out more and to book visit www.birthinternational.com/events

Birth International Events 2021

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