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Education for Informed Choice

Education for Informed Choice

by Andrea Robertson “Informed Choice” – the buzz words of the moment in maternity care circles! How often are women exhorted to make an “informed decision”? How many times do these words appear in policy documents and procedure manuals? The reality is that this concept, of parents making truly considered decisions about their care, is […]

If Your Baby is Breech

Is your baby is breech

by Andrea Robertson Most breech babies will turn naturally before labour. You will probably be referred to an obstetrician as these days few midwives will undertake a breech birth, even though in the past most midwives considered this within their scope of practice. There are still some midwives who are happy to assist with this […]

Breastfeeding Confusion?

Breastfeeding Confusion

by Andrea Robertson Muddled thinking about the concept of “informed choice” are impacting on effective breastfeeding promotion, especially in prenatal education. Many prenatal educators think that information on bottle feeding must be included in their programs to ensure that women have the opportunity to make a reasoned decision about infant feeding. Thus, details on “how […]