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The pain of labour – a feminist issue

The pain of labour - a feminist issue

by Andrea Robertson Pain in labour is universal: it hurts to give birth. Since this is such a common experience it could be seen as comforting, a bond among women, a fundamental truth that confirms our special biological role and affirms the importance of our contribution to society. More often, however, it is seen as […]

Pain in Labour – Your Hormones are Your Helpers

Pain in labour your hormones are your helpers

by Dr Sarah Buckley Imagine this. Your cat is pregnant, due to give birth around the same time as you are. You have your bags packed for hospital, and are awaiting the first signs of labour with excitement and a little nervousness. Meanwhile your cat has been hunting for an out-of-the way place – your […]

Lessons from Sweden: aren’t babies clever?

Aren't babies clever

by Ann-Marie Widstrom A mother and her newborn infant can be regarded as a reciprocal biological unit where innate physiological mechanisms lead to instinctive behaviours that quicken emotional as well as physiological functions. From an evolutionary point of view this was a prerequisite for survival. The mother received impulses from her infant and understood how […]