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“Just listen to your body …”

Just Listen to your body

by Andrea Robertson How many times have you heard this said (or said it yourself) to women during labour? We harbour this fond belief that women will know how to tune in to the rhythms and feelings within themselves during labour and birth and gently exhort them to “let yourself go” as the contractions build […]

TENS – a marketing triumph

TENS a marketing triumph

by Andrea Robertson I am fascinated by the popularity of using transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) devices during labour. This handy little piece of technology arrived on the maternity scene many years ago, and is now particularly entrenched in Britain (it may have been introduced into other countries but has not taken hold there with […]

Making it Real

Making it real

Childbirth educators should be realistic about what might happen during labour. One of the reasons parents come to prenatal education programmes is to find out ‘what birth is all about’. They want us to tell them what to expect so that they can be prepared for the events that lie ahead. They assume that knowledge […]

If Your Baby is Breech

Is your baby is breech

by Andrea Robertson Most breech babies will turn naturally before labour. You will probably be referred to an obstetrician as these days few midwives will undertake a breech birth, even though in the past most midwives considered this within their scope of practice. There are still some midwives who are happy to assist with this […]

Are midwives a dying breed?

Are midwives a dying breed

by Andrea Robertson Enabling a woman to give birth physiologically must surely be every midwife’s aim. The whole philosophy of midwifery rests on the knowledge that birth is a normal bodily function for a woman that requires a conducive environment and an experienced companion to watch for problems that may occasionally develop. This “experienced companion” […]

Unexpected outcomes – mentioning the unmentionable

Unexpected outcomes - mentioning the unmentionable

by Andrea Robertson One of the most fascinating aspects of birth is its total unpredictability. No-one knows what will happen and how those involved will fare, and no amount of preparation will ensure a given result. It’s this uncertainty that makes giving birth both exciting and frightening! Every pregnant woman has her moments of doubt […]

The pain of labour – a feminist issue

The pain of labour - a feminist issue

by Andrea Robertson Pain in labour is universal: it hurts to give birth. Since this is such a common experience it could be seen as comforting, a bond among women, a fundamental truth that confirms our special biological role and affirms the importance of our contribution to society. More often, however, it is seen as […]

The Place of Birth: The Dutch Midwifery System

The Place of Birth: The Dutch Midwifery System

by Beatrijs Smulders Dutch midwifery care is unique in the world. Our country has a totally different culture and system that allows Dutch midwives to work as they do and this is not because our midwives or obstetricians are very different from elsewhere but because our approach enables women to get the best of both […]

Highlights: First 100 Babies Report

Ryde Group Midwifery Practice

The Ryde Group Midwifery Practice Ryde Midwifery Group Practice was launched on 15th March 2004. A six months transition period followed. This is a report card of the first 100 intended bookings at Ryde. The Ryde Midwifery Group Practice offers the benefits of continuity of midwifery care to low risk non-insured women who book with […]

It’s happening – midwifery led maternity services at last!

It's happening - midwifery led maternity services at last

by Sally Tracy In this update on our progress towards a National Maternity Action Plan, the new midwifery services are described – the battles, the strategies and the results so far. Together we can reverse the trends of over-medicalised birth in this country. The first part of my presentation will be based on the results […]

Midwifery Care for Every Woman, Everywhere.

Midwifery Care for every women everywhere - Jane Palmer

by Susanne Houd To be born with a home Women in Nunavik, Eritrea and Greenland want to give birth where they live, with midwives that understand their language and culture and at the same time, who have the knowledge of today’s midwifery care. They want their babies to be born with a home – this […]

The Outcome of Perinatal Care in Inukjuak, Nunavik, Canada 1998-2002

The Outcome of Perinatal Care in Inukjuak

by Susanne Houd Abstract Introduction. From the 1950s women in Nunavik were transferred to South Quebec to give birth. Since 1986 women have had the opportunity to give birth in Povungnituk, Nunavik, and the education of community midwives began. Inukjuak, a small community in Nunavik, was included in the project in 1998. There is no possibility […]

Horizontal Violence in the Workplace

Horizontal Violence in the Workplace

by Carolyn Hastie Definition of horizontal violence Horizontal violence is hostile and aggressive behaviour by individual or group members towards another member or groups of members of the larger group. This has been described as inter-group conflict. ( Duffy 1995). Horizontal violence is endemic in the workplace culture and it is an unacceptable and destructive […]