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Lessons from Sweden: aren’t babies clever?

Aren't babies clever

by Ann-Marie Widstrom A mother and her newborn infant can be regarded as a reciprocal biological unit where innate physiological mechanisms lead to instinctive behaviours that quicken emotional as well as physiological functions. From an evolutionary point of view this was a prerequisite for survival. The mother received impulses from her infant and understood how […]

Using your politicians to change birth services

Political birth action

By Bruce Teakle This article was written as a campaign tool for those working to obtain better maternity services in Australia.  The National Maternity Action Plan was launched in 2002. For full details find out more here. This article is for people wanting better access to better birth care. It is intended to be a […]

Andrea Robertson – Biography

Andrea Robertson

Andrea Robertson was a childbirth educator since 1974. Having worked as an Occupational Therapist in both Australia and New York, following the birth of her two children she became active in consumer maternity groups. As National President of Parents Centres Australia from 1978-1984, she orchestrated many campaigns for the improvement of maternity services in Australia, […]